Lauren's Foundation lives out our mission through disbursements from three funds: the Sunflower Fund, the Scholarship Fund, and the Research Fund.


This fund provides financial assistance for families with seriously ill children by helping to pay household expenses for a period of time, allowing families to spend more time and resources with their child.



This fund recognizes and supports local high school seniors that have been confronted with adverse life circumstances, but worked to overcome them.



This fund supports research into the causes of brain tumors, as well as treatments and cures.  An annual donation is made from this fund to the American Brain Tumor Society.



See how the monies raised by Lauren’s Foundation benefits Berks County families, students and the American Brain Tumor Association.

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2017 Fund Report

How are monies collected in Lauren’s memory used? From May, 2005 to December, 2016, Lauren’s Foundation has raised over $200,000.  Below is an accounting of how those funds have been utilized.


Fifty-five scholarships have been awarded to Berks County high school seniors since 2006, that have risen above adverse circumstances and challenges and will continue their education at an accredited college or university.


Awarded to six Sunflower Fund recipient families caring for seriously ill children by way of financial assistance with living expenses, allowing them to focus on the care of their child.


Used to establish a permanent scholarship fund at the Berks County Community Foundation (BCCF) benefiting Berks County high school seniors.


Used to establish a permanent charitable fund at the Berks County Community Foundation that makes annual donations to the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).


Scholarships to Drexel University (Lauren’s alma mater) students, awarded to individuals that persevered through adverse circumstances and challenges to excel academically.


Contributions to the American Brain Tumor Association to support the hope for a cure and continued research.


Donations/financial assistance to local families and organizations that support research for cancer and other illnesses.


Donations to the Borough of Wyomissing Recreation and Police departments, to support children’s programs and activities.


Donations to the Wilson High School IM Able chapter to support the purchase of adaptive equipment for children with debilitating illness or disease.